Oct 15, 2021
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Anna Pletneva admitted that she no longer imagines herself dressed


Singer Anna Pletneva said that a sex image was firmly glued to her.

The 44-year-old artist is not shy about posting explicit content on social media. A mother of three, every now and then tries on lace underwear, corsets and sexy bodysuits. Pletneva has something to brag about, the more now she has begun to accept herself.

As I was a “bad girl”, I will remain. It’s somehow too late for me to radically change. And probably pointless. I stopped resisting and I feel great. This image stuck to me so firmly that I became the “baddest girl” of the domestic show business. Moreover, on stage, I was one of the first artists in Russia who allowed myself to go out practically without textiles on her body. In general, it suits me more to undress than to dress, and this is not even my opinion. The less clothes I wear, the more ideas I have.t “, says Anna” OK! “

Anna Pletneva
Anna Pletneva

Pletneva believes that thanks to the group she developed her own style, which later became associated with the “bad girl”. Already now, the singer understands that clothes pay serious attention to a person – therefore she calmly goes on stage and is not ashamed of anyone.

By the way, Pletneva does not torture herself with heavy diets or constant physical exertion, but simply tries not to overeat and keep fit. Genetics played a big role in her slender body and shape.

Note that Pletneva is now experiencing a new wave of popularity after a successful performance in the show “Mask”, where she participated in the image of the Parrot. The jury was not immediately able to recognize her and had many different versions. Pletneva

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