Oct 16, 2021
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Anna Pletneva admitted that next to her people feel bad


Singer Anna Pletneva said that she had to save people’s lives more than once.

The artist, without hesitation, rushed to the aid of those who faced health problems.

For example, recently a dancer from the Vintage group felt unwell after eating a cherry pie. At first, the man coughed, and then began to lose consciousness … 44-year-old Pletneva was not taken aback and immediately provided first aid.

Anna Pletneva
Anna Pletneva

We rehearsed at my house, preparing for the show. My karma – everyone next to me either suffocates or I save someone on the plane. In all my life, I saved 10 people, really. I always have a syringe with me in my bag and a drug that helps with Quincke’s edema“, – said the performer on the air of” Russian Radio “.

According to Anna, such situations do not frighten her. Moreover, a star with almost closed eyes can bring the victim to his senses. “A colleague decided to lie back at my house, but I gave him an injection. Said: “Tak, baby, calm down. I’ll bring everything now. ” He was very scared. I pricked him in the ass and it ended well. He is alive and well“, – added the artist.

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