Feb 18, 2021
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Anna Netrebko admitted that she never spreads gossip about star colleagues

08:10, 18.02.2021

The 49-year-old artist believes that it is unethical to speak badly about someone in public.

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Anna Netrebko took part in a live broadcast of the official account of the Mariinsky Theater on Instagram. A few hours later, the opera star published excerpts of the interview on her microblog. She said that the coronavirus pandemic did not cause such significant damage to their well-being with Yusif Eyvazov. And that thanks to concerts at the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theaters, she and her husband were able to stay afloat, unlike foreign singers. Anna also admitted that she really appreciates each of her colleagues, so she never publicly speaks nasty things about them, even if there was a discord between them.

“I will never tell any of my biographers about my love affairs – who I had, why we parted. You can not count on these things. As for intrigue or gossip, I like it even less. I will never say publicly badly about anyone, especially about some well-known public people who could not do very well with me, or something I did not like about them. I will never say this publicly. So, my friends, you will not wait, ”Anna Netrebko addressed the viewers of the live broadcast.

Fragment of an interview with Anna Netrebko

It is worth noting that in her interview Netrebko told about how hard it was for her to get a musical education, and that much of the knowledge in this area was never useful to her in life. The singer admitted that she had two marks in solfeggio, and she does not perceive the harmony of many works as subtly as the teachers demanded. It is noteworthy that Anna’s longtime friend Philip Kirkorov shared her impressions of her studies. “How alike you and I are all the same!)) I also had 2 solfeggio, and I don’t understand anything by harmony, but one of my favorite works from the music school is“ Britten’s Lullaby ”))” – commented on the statement of the opera singer the pop king of Russian pop music (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given without changes. – Noteed.).

Recall that Kirkorov and Netrebko have years of friendship. The singer and the opera diva regularly spend time with each other. Philip Bedrosovich can be seen at Anna’s concerts at the Bolshoi Theater. And she, in turn, does not miss the premiere of his show, however, due to the long quarantine and the postponed coronavirus, Anna’s meetings with the king of pop were not so frequent last year. But in September last year, on the day of the 49-year-old stage star, Kirkorov published a touching congratulation on his microblog on Instagram, calling Netrebko a native person and noting that you rarely meet such sincere people as the birthday girl.

Philip Kirkorov and Anna Netrebko

“Dear Anya! My friend is priceless! You are a muse! You are a treasure! @anna_netrebko_yusi_tiago, happy birthday! Every day I thank God for giving me a sister in spirit, who became not just a friend to me, but also a real dear person. I want to say that in our world you rarely meet sincere people, whose words do not differ from their deeds, and who are ready to accept the people around them as they are. You are so special. Be always, as now, graceful, full of charm and light! And most importantly, be healthy! Always there, your reliable friend Philip ”, – wrote then Kirkorov. He accompanied the publication with a fragment of the video for the song “Voice”, which he and Anna recorded in 2009.

Recall that Anna Netrebko celebrated her 49th birthday in the capital’s hospital. A week before her birthday, the star contracted the coronavirus. The singer admitted that she was not upset about the fact that the celebration takes place not in the bosom of the family, but in the ward. She posted a photo with balloons and confessed that she felt loved. Literally five days after that, the opera diva was already at home. She noted the excellent work of Russian doctors and urged to take care of their health.

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