Dec 31, 2020
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Anna Nasekina Olga Buzova posted a video about how Dom-2 was closed 20:33, 12/30/2020

20:33, 12/30/2020

The host of the project has posted a video on the YouTube channel since the last day of filming.

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Information about the termination of the broadcast of the show “Dom-2” appeared on December 18. Channel Director Roman Petrenko said that it became difficult for the famous TV set to focus on herself and compete with social networks and YouTube. General Director “Dom-2” Alexander Rastorguev in turn, said that the project does not stop working. He stressed that the show is leaving TNT, but not closed.

Today the host of the project Olga Buzova published on her Youtube-channel video about how the project was closed. “Despite the fact that a new life begins, for the last two days you will see Dom-2 and feel nostalgic with me. And for all those who love “Dom-2” and have been with us for 17 years, I have released a vlog right nowhow “Dom-2” was closed. I could not help but make an issue about this, because it was I who closed the doors of “House-2”, – Olga told the subscribers in her microblog in Instagram in the Stories section.

Olga Buzova published a video about how the “Dom-2” was closed

Note that Olga Buzova and her co-host Ksenia Borodina informed the participants of the show about the termination of the broadcast of the famous TV set on December 23. Both stars could not hold back their tears talking about the sad event for them. Olga was also upset at the time of filming the final of “House-2”, which will be shown to viewers on December 30. The participants and former stars of the project published footage from the site on their Instagram microblogs. Including was Stepan Menshchikov, who showed subscribers a photo with a crying Buzova.

Olga Buzova and Stepan Menshchikov

But not all the stars of the domestic show business reacted with regret to the closure of the project. Maxim Fadeev noted that transferring to another channel means a slow death for the project, so he is happy about the upcoming changes. The host of the show “Evening Urgant” Ivan Urgant, during his program, joked about the participants of “House-2” who were left without earnings at the end of the year. Ex-reality TV participant Alena Vodonaeva noted that the TV set should be closed, because, in her opinion, it is necessary to leave beautifully.

Let us remind you that the project participants started talking about changes in Dom-2 back in the summer. In August, some of them published in their microblogs on Instagram footage from the site of the Love Island show, where the cleared territories began. In October, there was official information about the closure of two shows at once within the framework of “House-2” – “Islands of Love” and “Save Your Love”. It was decided to take this step because of the large number of participants. However, later they started talking about the fact that the project could reduce the number of participants by using the age limit. In the same period, the spouses Stepan Menshchikov and Angelina Monakh left the project, who became parents in September. Leaving the Perimeter, Stepan and Angelina jokingly called themselves “project retirees” who do not fit the format of the TV set.

Alexandra Cherno and Iosif Hovhannisyan, who gave birth to their first child, also left the show. Even in the summer, they were thinking of leaving the TV set because of the uncomfortable conditions for them. Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko, as well as Ilya Yabbarov and Nastya Gold, even after leaving, spoke unflatteringly about the leadership of the show. The latter accused the project of being kicked out on purpose with a scandal, without even warning in advance of a possible outcome. As a result, the couple had to in a hurry to look for housing for the near future. On December 25, information appeared that the producers decided to expel half of the remaining reality heroes beyond the Perimeter.

Alexandra Cherno and Iosif Oganesyan with their son

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