Jan 16, 2022
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Anna Kovalchuk fell down with a serious illness


Actress Anna Kovalchuk spoke about her illness.

The actress spoke about how difficult it was for her to shoot the next season of the series “Secrets of the Investigation”. While working, the star contracted the coronavirus.

Working during a pandemic is always risky. So Anna Kovalchuk could not avoid health problems: during the filming of “Secrets of the Investigation”, the star became seriously ill.

Starting with me, 20 people fell down with the coronavirus. Everyone was very sick. I spent the November holiday week in the hospital. Therefore, the shooting stretched out. Yes, it was difficult, but in 21 years we have faced a huge number of difficulties, this includes my two pregnancies. So it’s just another step. Everything doesn’t go smoothly”, — shared the actress.

Anna Kovalchuk
Anna Kovalchuk

Now Kovalchuk feels great and celebrated the New Year in good health. In the artist’s family, pleasant traditions have long been established, without which a celebration cannot do. “On the evening of December 31, we go to the godmother Dobrynya and fireworks are launched there. We celebrate the New Year at home. I definitely cook Olivier – only with sausage, according to the Soviet recipe. Another potato with chicken in the oven is something that no New Year can do without. We do not drink alcohol, we buy children’s champagne. To the sound of the chiming clock, we make wishes – we write on pieces of paper, set fire to it, throw it into a glass and drink“, – said the star.

Now a complete idyll reigns in Anna’s family, but there were also difficult periods. So, the artist could not find a common language with her growing daughter. Only with time did the relatives come into contact with each other. “There was also a negative, I understood that this was a stranger. Helped cousin. She is a very church person, she sees only the good in people. I asked her: “Ira, what should I do? She doesn’t hear me at all. We do not understand each other”. She replied: “You will not do anything. You can’t teach, you can’t prove, you can’t force. Only send love to the child, only pray and thank her.” And I had something to thank Zlata for. She brightened up my life with her arrival. I can’t imagine how I would live if it wasn’t for her. I stopped doing anything, and Zlata herself came to me. So only patience and love, and nothing else“, – the artist is sure.

In an interview for Antenna-Telesem, Kovalchuk also spoke about her creative plans. The actress intends to continue to play in the theater, act in films, and she is also thinking with might and main about publishing her own book.

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