Aug 21, 2022
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Anna Kournikova to part ways with Enrique Iglesias


The husband of tennis player Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias, announced that he was leaving for Las Vegas.

Anna Kournikova has been living with the heir of the famous Iglesias family, Enrique, for twenty years. The couple is raising twins Nicholas and Lucy, and two years ago, their daughter Masha was added to them.

A beautiful couple does not let strangers into their personal lives. They even fenced themselves off from everyone with a high fence so that the curious would not see more than they want to show. They even learned that the lovers officially legalized the relationship many years later. According to rumors, the Russian woman Anna now bears the double surname Kournikova-Iglesias.

Therefore, the public, deprived of the right to properly wash the bones of one of the most beautiful couples among celebrities, independently invents reasons for scandals and even regularly reads them a quick divorce.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias with children
Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias with children

But recently it turned out that the couple are really going to leave. Enrique is already in full swing packing his bags, intending to leave his wife and children. This hot Spanish macho himself said in his microblog.

As it turned out, he leaves the warm Miami, where he built a cozy family nest. True, there is no disagreement here at all. Just a job. Enrique Iglesias remains a sought-after artist, and therefore forced to travel the world to earn money. This time it’s Las Vegas.

The show will take place in less than a month! 16 and 17 September. I’m on a trip to Vegas“, – said the singer.
He has repeatedly stated that he is most happy to be at home. The brutal handsome man turned out to be a very loving, caring father, who enjoys spending time with his children.

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