Apr 20, 2021
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Anna Khilkevich showed her thinness on vacation

The famous Russian actress Anna Khilkevich, who fought in the series “Univer. Newly made hostel “now, together with her husband Arthur and two daughters, is resting in the UAE. She told her subscribers that they warm up under the warm sun rays and take a break from the icy Moscow climate.

Anna Khilkevich showed her thinness on vacation

However, the artist’s followers began to worry about her health because of the outer appearance of the star. They think Anna looks very thin.

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However, 34-year-old Khilkevich decided to calm her sighs and noted that she felt that she had lost an impressive weight in the last few months, but this had nothing to do with any health problems.

The actress also noted that she was trembling to gain weight, as if, due to the peculiarities of her figure, even a few kilograms could turn her into a fat woman.

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She added that she does not adhere to any strict diets, as if her fans claim. On the contrary, arriving in Dubai, she eats local dishes in restaurants with bliss and does not count calories.

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