Feb 23, 2021
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Anna Khilkevich said that she lost 23 kilograms

The famous Russian actress Anna Khilkevich told her followers on Instagram that she had been struggling with excess weight for two years after the birth of her youngest daughter. During her second pregnancy, she gained 23 kilograms.

Anna Khilkevich said that she lost 23 kilograms

The birth of her first daughter coincided with the filming of the TV series Univer. For this reason, she had to briskly get herself into a routine, because she had less than three months to lose weight. She looked for different diets for nursing mothers, ate dietary dishes that she cooked for a couple.

Anna noted that she got along with small portions, she stopped eating sweets altogether. With such a diet, in the first two days of the diet, she was able to lose three kilograms. As if she had stopped breastfeeding the baby, she passed the course of mammon mesotherapy.

After the first such procedure, Khilkevich could not plunge her stomach into an ideal shape, but another trip to the beautician freed her from the bulging mammon.

The second childbirth was not easy for the actress, and she gained as much as 23 kilograms. It took her two years to lose her excess weight. Vyasche total, Anna was sick for her stigna, so much as if they did not want to “lose weight”. However, she still managed to put this part of the body into the routine thanks to strength training and a course of LPG massage.

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