Oct 12, 2021
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Anna Khilkevich said that children changed her life


Actress Anna Khilkevich spoke about her children.

The 34-year-old artist is raising two daughters: 5-year-old Arianna and 3-year-old Maria. Anna spends a lot of time with girls and, looking at children, discovers new features in herself.

Children have changed me. They changed my attitude towards life. To people. To yourself. It was with the birth of my first child that everything began to change rapidly. And this is still the case“, – shared the actress of the series” Univer. New hostel “.

She said that the eldest daughter has a “fiery”, very strong character. Thanks to Arianna, her mother became interested in the study of psychology: first in children, and then in adults.

Anna Khilkevich
Anna Khilkevich

Little Masha is the complete opposite of her sister. “The younger one is absolute love and dissolution in it. I often catch myself thinking that if they came to us in a different sequence, then everything might not be so rosy“, – Khilkevich shared her thoughts.

The actress admits that she has to learn a lot in the process of interacting with children. However, the daughters fill Anna’s life with bright colors.

Of course, I’m still learning. Unconditional love in any situation, understanding, patience. I get to know myself and my loved ones better and deeper. Family, children give me strength, joy and energy. Thanks for this life“, – concluded the actress.

Khilkevich’s fans supported the star. “I think we have all witnessed these wonderful changes. This is truly unconditional love. We, adults, have a lot to learn from children ”,“ Motherhood works wonders ”,“ Yes, it is very noticeable that you have changed ”,“ Children are the meaning of life! You have wonderful daughters “,” Oh, I agree. With the advent of children, a woman’s perception of the world changes. And some men too“, – wrote the followers.

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