Jan 26, 2021
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Anna Khilkevich said she wants to have a third child

23:44, 01/25/2021

The actress admitted that together with her husband they thought about creating a large family.

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34-year-old Anna Khilkevich is raising two daughters. Arianna and Maria were born in the marriage of the actress to Arthur Martirosyan. Anna has repeatedly told in her microblog in Instagram about the difficulties of raising girls, who every year more and more actively show their difficult characters. However, despite the difficulties, Khilkevich is ready to become a mother of many children. Today, the actress said that she and her husband are already thinking about having a third child.

“I want a third childIn addition, there have been a lot of friends around us in the situation lately. God, how cute they are. Yes, and our youngest daughter is already asleep all night …)) so it seems like it is already possible. Only here we are strongly stopped by the fact that Masha is still little, she really needs a mother. She already shares me with Ariasha, and when another baby appears, it will be very difficult for her. Yes, and the eldest too … and perhaps this is the main thing that hinders new circumstances. But we dream of a big family with a lot of children! To make everyone scream, I ran like crazy in the morning, trying to get everyone together and organize. but children are such a thrill and happiness !!! And by the way, everyone writes to me – “you still need a son!” and I’ll say this, yes, son, it’s interesting, cool, but completely incomprehensible)))) but the third daughter is perfect. 3 sisters, three girlfriends, and what pictures will be! and the exchange of dresses and the transition of clothes from older to younger)))) and for the kid again to buy everything again. But in any case, we still have time))) But as you understand, thoughts have already settled in our parental heads ”- wrote the actress (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line.)

Anna Khilkevich said she wants to have a third child

Khilkevich said that during pregnancy with her second daughter, the doctor told her on an ultrasound that the child had Down syndrome. The doctor noted that the child has a very short nose, and this is one of the signs of the syndrome. Anna had to wait three weeks for the test results, which were supposed to confirm or deny the diagnosis. During this time, Khilkevich studied all the forums and sites about Down syndrome. Anna added that she and her husband decided that they would refuse the abortion anyway. As a result, the result turned out to be negative, but the actress calmed down only after the girl was born, as a share of fear and doubt accompanied her until the birth itself.

Note that Anna faced the main difficulties in raising her eldest daughter Arianna. The artist, only five years old, the girl began to understand her complex nature. After I managed to find a common language with her daughter, Khilkevich began to take her more often to shooting, to beauty salons. And in the fall of 2020, I took Arianna for a manicure for the first time. The growing up of her daughters also gave the actress the opportunity to relax alone. In September last year, Anna for the first time sent on vacation alone. This time she spent several days in Altai. According to the actress, she needed this trip in order to keep quiet and meditate in solitude, which in ordinary life she cannot provide for herself.

Anna Khilkevich with her husband Artur Martirosyan and children

Recall that marriage with Martirosyan is the second for Anna. For the first time, the actress went to the registry office in 2011 together withfinancier Anton Pokrepa… She met the ex-husband on the set of the TV series “Barvikha”, where he worked as an administrator. However, this family union was short-lived and divorce soon followed.

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