Apr 20, 2021
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Anna Khilkevich in a swimsuit laughed at her thinness


34-year-old actress Anna Khilkevich is resting in the UAE, from where she shared a beach photo.

The star went on vacation with her husband Arthur and daughters: Ariana and Maria. Anna admitted that she was very tired of the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic and therefore chose the resort, which in the current conditions Russians visit most often. The actress of the series “Univer. The new hostel “was worried about whether she would be able to relax with the girls, but all her fears were in vain.

Anna decided to capture this moment as a keepsake.

Anna Khilkevich with children
Anna Khilkevich with children

Khilkevich decided to immediately anticipate all the talk about her thinness. “Thin, yes, in the course)) you can not remind))) in general, we entered the rest only for 4-5 days of our stay) ? how would we learn to speed up this process ?! ??☺️ and I also have procrastination, and I I clearly realized this a lot of things have accumulated, but I don’t want to do anything just swim in the sea, take care of the kids, read a book and eat deliciously at least you cannot say that for me?

Ps: I can gain weight. But then I will not turn into a magnificent young lady. Then I will have ears on my hips, a swollen waist, and cellulite on my butt. Yes, and with my height I will look more like a bun)) my fat cells are not located in ideal places for weight gain) so let me stay thin without remorse?? “, – Khilknevich assured the fans.

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