Sep 15, 2022
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Anna Khilkevich freaked out and got rid of long hair


35-year-old actress Anna Khilkevich has changed dramatically.

The star of the series “Univer. New hostel ”has flown to Africa. Anna became the host of the reality show Fall in Love If You Can. In Cape Town, the star decided to change her appearance.

Throughout her film career, Khilkevich was a girl with long blond hair. Now Anna for the first time decided on a daring experiment – she made a square.

The mother of two children showed the result of the transformation. The actress starred in the car close-up. A native of St. Petersburg appeared in a gray top and white shirt. Anna put on makeup in pink tones. Khilkevich opened up about what made her change her image.

Freaked out! Guys, look what happened to my hair. I cut my hair, fuck off! Africa is changing,” Anna said.

Anna Khilkevich
Anna Khilkevich

“How do you like my new hairstyle?” Khilkevich asked.

Most fans of the actress praised her new image. “Cutie”, “A stunningly beautiful girl”, “And with a bob it’s much better!”, “I didn’t even recognize you”, “Cool hairstyle. The softest and most stylish! Super, you can’t take your eyes off”, “Doll”, “It has long been necessary to change the hairstyle! You are so much younger. Straight girl”, — said the users.

However, several of Anna’s fans admitted that they like the old hairstyle more. “Oh no! Hope it’s a wig. Only long!”, “Changes are, of course, good, but with long ones you are definitely cooler”, “Why did you cut your hair?”, “Hairstyle added 10 years”Followers noted.

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