Jul 1, 2020
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Anna Kasterova about the husband of Eugene Malkin, his attitude to Putin, raising his son and life in America

Anna Kasterova about the husband of Eugene Malkin, his attitude to Putin, raising his son and life in America

Evgeni Malkin and Anna Kasterova

The other day, 35-year-old Anna Kasterova gave a great interview to Sport-Express. In a conversation with reporters, the TV presenter spoke about the love of her husband, 33-year-old Evgeni Malkin, for Russia, his help to the hometown of Magnitogorsk and their family life in America. Kasterova admitted that she was annoyed by the attacks of the Russians on her lover because of the presence of an American passport:

Zhenya is a patriot of Russia and his hometown of Magnitogorsk. He helps many people from our country. We had a hopeless situation - we had to sign it. It was not that "let's do it quickly, through communication." We had real circumstances. It doesn't matter in the USA who you are - an outstanding NHL player or an assistant to the president - everyone has one scenario. It was a necessary measure. Thus, we reduced the time for receiving my documents. America is now his second home. He works here, makes money. What are we talking about? Did he give up Russia? Not. There is still some kind of trolling. Just tin. After all, Zhenya is a cool guy.

Anna Kasterova and Evgeni Malkin Anna Kasterova and Evgeni Malkin

Anna Kasterova also said that her husband constantly financially helps her native Magnitogorsk, donates her funds to various charitable organizations and does everything so that the name of his hometown is known even in the United States. The TV presenter recalled the case when in 2018 Eugene sent a large sum of money to the administration of Magnitogorsk to eliminate the consequences of a gas explosion in a residential building. In addition, Kasterova spoke about her husband’s attitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin:

Zhenya respects his president very much. When he comes to Russia, they spend time together on ice. Why don't he support him? I do not see any contradictions. Don't Putin and Trump shake hands?

Anna Kasterova and Evgeni Malkin

Kasterova also talked about family life with Eugene Malkin and the disputes that they sometimes have. Anna admitted that during the hockey season, she and her husband quarreled much more often than during the quarantine, because all this time he was on the nerves:

We have been together for several years. Recently celebrated a linen wedding. I already know him well, but such a level of hockey, such passions, various interviews and comments have an effect on Zhenya. After all, everyone reads anyway. Whoever says anything. During the season, Zhenya had more psychologically unstable outbursts. But I'm not a gray mouse either, and I need attention. We are all people, you do not always find a convenient moment, and skirmishes turn out. And now he, as the head of the family, keeps the whole atmosphere in our house.

Evgeni Malkin and Anna Kasterova with their son NikitaEvgeni Malkin and Anna Kasterova with their son Nikita

In an interview, Anna Kasterova also spoke about their four-year-old son Nikita. Anna admitted that she and her husband would not insist that the boy follow in his father's footsteps and also become a hockey player. Kasterova believes that it will be difficult for Nikita to achieve greater success in sports than his famous father, and at the same time he does not want his son to remain in his shadow all his life:

In no case will we push. As he decides, so be it. I have very big ambitions about his education. I want him not only to speak English and Russian, but also to know perfect grammar. I deal with him now, and he knows a lot of things already at 4 years old. Do I want him to become a hockey player? I do not even know. If we talk about the dynasty, I do not remember that the son once surpassed his famous father.

Anna Kasterova with her son NikitaAnna Kasterova with her son Nikita

Kasterova also told about her husband’s taste preferences - according to her, he loves pasta in all variations and pancakes with which she tries to delight him every 10 days. Anna also admitted that she never tried to somehow remake her husband for herself or wean him from some habits. The only thing that she influenced for their life together was the style of her beloved. It was with her submission that Evgeni Malkin began to wear hoodies and simple but stylish clothes from fashion brands.

Anna Kasterova and Evgeni Malkin with their son NikitaAnna Kasterova and Evgeni Malkin with their son Nikita

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