Jan 5, 2022
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Anna Kalashnikova was abandoned by a businessman


Singer and model Anna Kalashnikova announced the separation from her lover.

The artist stunned fans with the sudden news – she and businessman Ivan Semyonov are no longer a couple. Moreover, the singer hinted at what caused the end of the relationship.

Year 2022 for Kalashnikova began with trials. She frankly shared about this in her personal blog: “I start the year of the tiger, saying goodbye to past relationships. Ivan and I are no longer a couple. I say thank you to all the good things that have been between us for two years and almost a month. I release everything bad into space. I hope there won’t be so many tears and disappointments in the new year. “

The singer also shared an excerpt from a fresh track, where she prophesied her destiny. “Apparently, the stars formed so that the words of my new song turned out to be prophetic. I prepared this video for birthday greetings, but unfortunately, it turned out for a different reason.“, – admits the 37-year-old TV personality.

So, two lines from the composition suggest that Ivan was not faithful to Anna. “Don’t lie, don’t lie to me. You are so happy in those photos with her!“- sings Kalashnikova.

Anna Kalashnikova with her former lover
Anna Kalashnikova with her former lover

However, the TV star is trying to treat parting with Semyonov wisely and encouraged herself: “I am strong, I can handle it. I wish both of us to find our happiness. Thank you to my family, friends and my son that I have you. And I thank my subscribers for their support. Together we are strong“.

Recall that the relationship between Anna and Ivan developed beautifully. The businessman did not skimp on gifts for his chosen one. So, he even gave her a horse, on which Meriem Uzerli pranced on the set of the “Magnificent Century” series.

By the way, the couple planned to have common children … and even used the services of a surrogate mother. However, Anna and Ivan faced deception (the woman who agreed to carry the baby probably got pregnant by her husband). “The test showed that I am not the mother of this fetus. I am not my child’s biological mother“, – the singer was indignant in the program” Actually “on Channel One.

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