Sep 15, 2020
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Anna Chipovskaya touchingly confessed her love to her chosen one Dmitry Endaltsev

15:43, 09/15/2020

The actress stated that she considers her partner to be the best in everything.

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They started talking about the novel by Anna Chipovskaya and Dmitry Endaltsev after the release of the comedy Horoscope for Good Luck, where the actors played a couple in love. However, at that time, according to Dmitry, they were both in relationships with other people. Endaltsev said that the film really brought the artists together, but they became great friends.

Then Anna really was in a relationship with a businessman Daniil Sergeev... But at the end of 2016, the actress broke up with her boyfriend. Soon, in secular circles, they started talking about Anna's new novel. The information that Chipovskaya is dating Endaltsev was even confirmed by the actress's friend. In a conversation with reporters, she noted that Anna and Dmitry are happy in a relationship, and they try to spend all their free time together.

Dmitry Endaltsev and Anna Chipovskaya

However, none of the actors was in a hurry to publicly announce their new status - Anna and Dmitry attended social events separately from each other, and the stars began to share joint photos on social networks only a year ago. Everything changed in February last year. Then Endaltsev supported the actress at the premiere of the romantic comedy STS "The Baker and the Beauty", where Chipovskaya played the main role. This was followed by touching birthday greetings to each other, after which it became clear that Chipovskaya and Endaltsev were indeed a couple.

Now Anna Chipovskaya does not hide her feelings for her chosen one. On the eve Dmitry Endaltsev showed his short film “The groom. Bride. Herring"On the screen of the Winter Theater of Sochi in the short film competition of the Kinotavr festival. Anna hastened to touchingly congratulate her lover. “PS Also from this shot, of course, it follows that I love you, Dim, congratulations and I think the best. In everything ", - wrote Chipovskaya in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged hereinafter. - Prim. line.).

Anna Chipovskaya and Dmitry Endaltsev at the Kinotavr festival

We add that at the moment Dmitry and Anna have starred together in many films. In addition to "Horoscope for Luck" they played in the projects "Blockbuster", "The Last Minister", "Locked" and "End of the Season". It is noteworthy that in the last project Endaltsev, in his own words, agreed to act in film thanks to the support of his beloved.

As for the series "Locked", the plot was focused on a couple who broke off relations on the eve of the cancellation of quarantine, but had to remain together on self-isolation for another two weeks. The series touched on a topic that has not been covered in previous screenlife projects so far - what difficulties await people when they leave quarantine and how to return to normal life. As in other similar projects, all the action "Locked" unfolds on the smartphone screen.

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