Nov 1, 2022
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Anna Asti orders herself a flamingo steak


Singer Anna Asti admitted that she likes to mock the organizers of concerts.

Many stars are famous for their strange whims, and there are tales about their riders. Anna Asti did not lag behind her colleagues and confessed her passion for a truly rare dish.

The former member of the duo Artik & Asti recently went on a tour of Russian cities. According to Anna, she was greeted very warmly, the audience sang along at the concerts, and many even cried, experiencing the songs with all their hearts.

I felt it all too. Everything was insanely cool, it turned out cool, just sincere evenings. Most importantly, everyone sings in unison, I was worried that suddenly it would not be the way I used to“, – she said in the drive show “Let’s go” on “Autoradio”.

Of course, the days on tour are filled with everyday life. The hosts of the show “Let’s Go” Kurochkin, Kalinina and Armor found out how Anna Asti’s rider differs. It turned out that the singer likes to joke and surprise the organizers, as well as check their attentiveness.

Anna Asti
Anna Asti

I have one unusual position in my household rider – flamingo steak and iguana salad. We specifically wrote at the end that I should definitely bring it 15 minutes after the concert”, Anna shares.

Only once did the organizers react to strange demands, they called and asked: “Is flamingo steak a must?” And they breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the answer of the artist’s team. “No, guys, everything is fine, we congratulate you, you have read the rider to the end!‘ they said.

The singer came to the studio not only to be frank, but also to present her new song “Night in the Kitchen”, written for her by the famous hit author Dima Loren.

She’s just super, Dima wrote her about me. We have such evenings when we sit in the kitchen, chatting until the morning, complaining to each other about life. I can cry and tell him something. From our nights in the kitchen, he got this track from the soul. Wrote about my alter ego – weak-strong“, – the singer shared with the hosts of the drive show “Let’s go”.

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