Jun 7, 2022
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Ankara “Bayraktarit” Uzbekistan

After Erdogan managed to hand over their UAVs to Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, and allegedly agreed to sell drones to Tajikistan, it was logical to assume that he would not leave the Uzbeks alone either.

May 22 CTO Baicar Defense Selcuk Bayraktar said that the Technofest aerospace and technology festival he is holding, where the Turks primarily advertise their UAVs, will be held in Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

And now Selcuk Bayraktar is already in Bukhara. The visit of the gunsmith was covered by his participation in the 4th Forum of Young Leaders of the Organization of Turkic States, for which he took his children and wife with him Flags of Sumeyye Erdogandaughter of the President of Turkey.

As Selcuk Bayraktar himself said, he met with the youth of the Turkic world in Uzbekistan, where they talked about the National Technological Movement (National technological move).

Selcuk Bayraktar in Bukhara

The visit was not only cultural, but also military-political. Recall that on March 30 this year, during Erdogan’s visit to Uzbekistan, he and the President Mirziyoyev signed a kind of “enhanced framework military agreement”, the details of which were not disclosed.

Then, at the end of April, Ankara was visited by the Secretary General of the Security Council of Uzbekistan Victor Makhmudovwho met with the head of the Turkish Interior Ministry Suleiman Soylu and Secretary General of the National Security Council of Turkey Seyfullo Hadzhimyuftyuogluwhere security issues were discussed.

Now, Erdogan’s son-in-law, who, as you know, is on friendly terms with the son-in-law of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, has been “launched” into Bukhara Otabek Umarovand he works as deputy head of the State Security Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Agree, a convenient format for convincing persuasion about the supply of Turkish drones.

Friends-in-laws of the presidents of Turkey and Uzbekistan

Note that the prospect of Turkish purchases will force Mirziyoeva “do the splits”. Firstly, Tashkent has already concluded an agreement with an American company AeroVironment on the supply of drones to Uzbekistan Puma 3 AE under the U.S. Foreign Military Sales Program (FMS) in the amount of $8.54 million. The Americans promise to transfer about 40 UAVs to the Uzbeks by the end of November 2022. Tashkent previously bought 4 drones from the company RQ-11 Ravenmini and intends to continue purchasing.

Of course, small (wingspan – 2.8 m, maximum take-off weight – 6.8 kg) reconnaissance Puma 3 AE – not vaunted percussion “bayraktars”, but the money for their purchase has already been pledged.

Secondly, Mirziyoyevannounced a “technological revolution” in the republic, announced in January the launch of the production of its own drones Lochin (Sokol), the first in Central Asia. The Uzbek UAV is inferior in a number of indicators to Turkish models, but it can also be used as a strike drone, and most importantly, it is a national brand, which the Uzbeks will not crush with partner brands. However, a dozen “bayraktars” are likely to be bought.

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