Oct 5, 2021
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Ankara and Baku will respond to Iran with joint military exercises

Armenia is confident that Iran will not allow the creation of the “Zangezur Corridor”

Tehran continues to pull military equipment – tanks and artillery installations – to the border with the Azerbaijani enclave in Nakhichevan, where full-scale military exercises of the Iranian army are taking place.

Armenia is confident that Tehran has begun military exercises in response to Azerbaijani plans to create a “Zangezur Corridor”. This plan was the last straw for Iran, which is fighting for its interests, and these interests coincide with those of Armenia, the political scientist said. Karine Gevorkyan

“Iran is rather tense about the idea of ​​creating a corridor, opposes its implementation, as it threatens Iranian interests. Another reason for the toughening of Tehran’s position is the pan-Turkification of Azerbaijan, which threatens the growth of separatist sentiments in the Azerbaijani regions of Iran, “

– Gevorkian is quoted by the online edition.

Confirms her words and the former vice-speaker of the Iranian parliament Ali Motahari, which the sure: “Iran must at any cost resist the treacherous program of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Israel to create the Zangezur Corridor, which will lead to the elimination of the Armenia-Iran border and close one of the routes to Europe for Iran.”

According to the Armenian journalist Artyom Yerkanyan, Iranian-Azerbaijani relations did not accidentally deteriorate immediately after Ilham Aliyev voiced claims to the southern territories of Armenia, in particular Syunik, as well as after the Azerbaijani military took control of the highway connecting Iran with Armenia. Ankara also confirmed Baku’s intentions to create a “corridor through Meghri”, thereby ensuring not only direct transport communication between Azerbaijan and its enclave – Nakhichevan autonomy, but also the separation of Armenia from Iran. However, in this case, Tehran will lose its land connection with Europe.

“In addition, the“ Turkic arc ”will close over its northern borders, which will lead to geopolitical isolation of Iran. Such a prospect for Iran could be catastrophic, because it will inevitably lead to the strengthening of the Turkic factor in the northwestern provinces inhabited by ethnic Azerbaijanis, which may serve as an impetus for new outbreaks of separatism. This is what determines the principled position of Iran on the issue of inviolability of the internationally recognized borders of Armenia, ”

– explained the journalist.

In response to the Iranian military exercises, Baku announced on Monday, October 5, a joint military exercise with Turkey called “Indestructible Brotherhood – 2021”. These exercises will be held on the border with Iran on the territory of the Nakhichevan autonomy, the Azerbaijani Internet publication reports. Report

The stated goal of the exercise is to further develop cooperation and coordination between the ground forces of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

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