Sep 22, 2022
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Anita Tsoi told what kind of bride her son should have


Singer Anita Tsoi is concerned about the fate of her son and wants to become a grandmother.

The actress admitted that she already wants to become a grandmother. Her son Sergei is already 30 years old, and for some time now the singer has begun to carefully “press” him.

I roll carefully (laughs), because I so want him to have already given birth. As long as I am strong, in shape and can be a normal grandmother. And his dad is even older than me, so it’s definitely time for him to be a grandfather“.

Anita Tsoi is sometimes seriously worried about her son’s personal life and even tries to find a bride for him.

Anita Tsoi - photo from the archive -
Anita Tsoi – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I realized that he likes blondes. By the way, just like dad. Therefore, I often go in the image of a blonde. I tried to dye my hair, but almost lost everything.

I also realized that my son likes women around my height: 157-160 cm and not quite thin – about the same as me. And she doesn’t have to be super-beautiful either.

It is important for him that she be, like her mother, positive, joyful. But he does not want her to sing, but to be more at home”, — quotes the words of the artist edition of “MK”.

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