Mar 30, 2021
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Anita Tsoi received the title of People’s Artist of Russia

11:14, 03/30/2021

The singer was awarded for her great achievements in the field of art.

Vladimir Putin signed a decree conferring the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation on eight cultural workers. Anita Tsoi was also on this list. “For great services in the field of art, to confer the honorary title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation,” says the text of the official document. In addition to Tsoi, the head of the Bolshoi Theater troupe was included in the list. Makharbek Vaziev, artists Andrey Ilyin and Olga Tumaykina and others.

Anita Tsoi’s speech

We add that this year Anita became the host of the new show “Divorce” on the “Domashny” channel. In the new project, the producers promise to show real stories of couples on the verge of breaking up. The spouses will have 30 days to decide, using professional help, to stay together or to divorce. “Our project is a“ staging post ”for a family, when a couple can move away from the hustle and bustle of the home, remember their feelings, renew them. My mission on the project is to bring feminine wisdom and serenity. I know that we, women, are led by our own emotions and do not think at all that the psychology of a man is very different from ours. I hope that all our heroes will be able to cope with the difficulties, ”Tsoi shared.

Previously, Choi talked about her relationship with her husband. Sergei… The singer shared that the first two years after the wedding, she did everything for the chosen one to divorce her. Love for a spouse, who is 14 years older than the artist, came with time. This year a couple celebrated 30 years of marriage… True, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they had to cancel a large festive event and confine themselves to a home celebration.

Anita Tsoi with her husband and son

By the way, the self-isolation regime almost destroyed Anita’s marriage. Tsoi said that in 30 years of living together with Sergei, she had never spent so much time with her husband. It turned out that due to different habits, the spouses constantly quarreled and at first could not agree among themselves. “We only eat breakfast and dinner the same way. It was a nightmare. He likes tea, and I like coffee. He watches action films, and I watch melodramas. The first weeks we swore, rubbed ourselves like newlyweds. He annoyed me. He’s used to having a secretary. He speaks to her imperiously. But then everything worked out. We even got to the point where we started to walk, holding hands. These are new sensations, “- said Tsoi.

Choi also shared that in the summer of 2020, when her and her wife hospitalized with moderate coronavirusSergei helped to cope with depression and even suicidal thoughts that appeared in the artist against the background of the disease. Anita also remembered other difficult situations she had to face in her marriage. The singer shared that after the birth of her son, she recovered greatly. Her weight reached 105 kilograms, and her husband did not like it. Then Sergei directly told Anita that she had recovered and asked her to lose weight. Choi admitted that at first she was very offended by her husband’s words, but over time she realized that he was right.

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