Jan 6, 2022
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Anita Tsoi arranged a photo shoot in a swimsuit in the Maldives


50-year-old singer Anita Tsoi spends New Year’s holidays on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The artist was photographed in a swimsuit in different poses.

Anita Tsoi is now resting in the Maldives and sunbathing on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Today, the singer arranged a beach photo session and shared pictures with fans, noting that she does not like posing for a photo.

In the pictures, Choi appeared in a black monokini with buttons on the chest. The singer coquettishly lowered the straps, first completely exposing one shoulder, and then both. At the same time, Anita took different model poses against the backdrop of palm trees and the ocean. The artist tried to find the most advantageous angle to make her legs look longer.

Anita Tsoi
Anita Tsoi

For an hour I was looking for an angle for a photo with long legs. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜… Posing is not my thing, but sometimes I really want to be β€œcover”. Only on vacation can you kill precious time on such photos. I think it worked! πŸ˜„“- Anita expressed her opinion. She asked which of the two pictures was better.

Anita legs πŸ”₯ great rest 🍹 🌴 ❀️😘“, The world boxing champion Natalya Ragozina wished. “Both“, Noted the singer Slava. “Well, what a beauty!“- said TV presenter Elena Malysheva.

Anita Tsoi
Anita Tsoi

The fans left a lot of warm words for Anita. “Oh, Anita and you are good !! ❀️❀️❀️ “,” I love you any and different !! “,” You are very beautiful. Warm up in the sun and gain strength “,” You have a wonderful figure, and fire without a foreshortening “,” Beauty! πŸ”₯ Have a great rest! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž “,” Oh brave girl ….. ❀️“, – said the subscribers.

Anita in the Maldives not only rests, but also consolidates useful skills. “On vacation, all people are just like people, I am a super-lifeguard! 🀣 What do you think is the right theme? 😁“, The singer turned to the fans.

I repeat the course on rescuing drowning people, as well as the course on the ambulance. You never know, it will come in handy. Why should I check myself for the possibility of saving someone? Firstly, I have always felt that I have it in my blood. I always react very quickly in difficult situations, just so cool and fast that I myself sometimes even am surprised. Secondly, I always prepare. I even watch movies and save the world at the same time with the characters. Well, it seems to be a given already human“, – added Choi.

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