Sep 14, 2022
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Ani Lorak declared herself a world-famous star


Singer Ani Lorak, following Loboda, attributed many merits to herself.

Recently, Svetlana Loboda spoke about being the main artist in Russia. Now Ani Lorak has joined her, making a no less self-confident statement.

By the way, the words of Svetlana Loboda were immediately denied by Joseph Prigogine. “Number one artist? Is that what she says about herself? You look at the streaming: there is no her name! There are completely different performers: HammAli & Navai, Jony. I did not meet Loboda there. We have artists who gather huge stadiums: “Hands up!”, Basta. I don’t know why Loboda claims to be exclusive. What’s the name of her song – “Your eyes”? Allegrova already did this three hundred years ago. And these “exceptionals” seem to be doing us a favor. We don’t need such favors“, – blurted out the producer.

However, serious criticism of the blonde from the public did not scare Ani Lorak, who will also soon go on tour, only in Europe. The description on the site speaks for itself. “The singer who conquered the world. Ani Lorak is the most titled Ukrainian singer. The owner of 5 “gold” and 2 “platinum” albums, People’s Artist of Ukraine, participant in the song contest “Eurovision 2008”, where she took 2nd place, the owner of 5 “Golden Gramophones”. This is only a small part of Ani Lorak’s musical achievements, she continues to increase them, conquering countries on all continents of the globe with her talent”, the team of the performer boasts.

Ani Lorak - photo from the archive -
Ani Lorak – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Producer Leonid Dzyunik said that in her homeland the brunette did not enjoy the popularity that she is talking about now. “Lorak’s behavior is completely incomprehensible to me. Nobody needed this singer in Ukraine. When she arrived at a concert in Odessa, they drove her out with pissed rags. And the good Russian people accepted her and gave her the opportunity to perform. Why is her tongue in her ass now?he asks.

And the son of Taisiya Povaliy noted that Lorak, along with his star mother, has long been out of favor with the local public. “Let me remind you of the backstory: 2004, our family flees from Kyiv after the threat of reprisals because of campaigning for Yanukovych. 2014 – a couple of artists are again selected – Ani Lorak and Taisiya Povaliy, who regularly appear on Russian television, and they are awarded the honorary title “Traitor of Ukraine”, Denis emphasized.

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