Sep 20, 2022
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Ani Lorak decided to stay with Russia and resume touring

After the start of the special operation, Carolina Kuek hid somewhat, refusing to give concerts and generally from any comments about what was happening.

After looking at what is happening with other “Russian” Ukrainian women, such as Loboda and Brezhneva, who have severed ties with Russia, but are not particularly needed in Ukraine, Karolina made the only right decision.

The day before, she appeared on social networks, where, after closing the comments, she announced that her heart was overflowing with love, pain, compassion, fear, anxiety, but the stage is her life and she can live only when she breathes the same air with her viewer.

Ani Lorak decided to stay with Russia and resume touring

And this was only the beginning, from which it became clear that soon there would be concerts. Well, almost immediately Alena Zhigalova published a video where, as if by chance, she meets Karolina in the elevator with the words: “The Diva has returned,” and she answers her: “Yes, it’s me.”

Well, and the commentary to this video explains everything: “Well, are you ready for a sensation?) #diva is returning.”

So, Ani Lorak returns to concerts and it is in Russia. Well, in the near future we should wait for her revelations in an interview on Alena Blin’s show.

Good choice, Carolina. Nobody is waiting for you in Ukraine, but here is your daughter’s home, friends and school.

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