Jan 11, 2022
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Ani Lorak allows her daughter everything


Singer Ani Lorak spoke about raising her daughter.

The artist is raising her 10-year-old daughter Sofia from her ex-spouse Murat Nalchadzhioglu. The singer told what she is doing to remain the girl’s best friend and ideal mother. According to Ani, she simply does not interfere with her daughter’s life, giving her complete freedom of action. According to Lorak, this is the only way to grow a fully formed personality.

I believe that a child should develop creatively and comprehensively. If everything is forbidden, then there is a possibility of losing the identity that my daughter is. Therefore, I rather not lead her with me, but go after her, and try to help“, – shared the star in an interview with WDay.

Ani Lorak with her daughter
Ani Lorak with her daughter

The artist notes that she has already faced the consequences of free education. Of course, the girl makes mistakes, but Lorak deliberately does not interfere in this, believing that Sofia herself must draw conclusions. The singer only supports her daughter in her decisions.

When you say something to a child ten times, it doesn’t mean anything, because when we were little we didn’t really listen to adults either, and we realized everything only after a while, filling our bumps and after realizing what was good and what was bad. Therefore, I walk next to Sofia and believe that she grows up as an absolutely free and creative person.“, – says the singer.

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