Aug 19, 2022
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Angry man jumped out in the field in front of the harvester to complain about the dusty sandwich

dusty sandwich complaintEleanor Gilbert was very surprised when she had to listen to claims from a stranger and his complaints about spoiled food.

dusty sandwich complaint

A man invaded a farm in Newbury (Berkshire, England), where field work was just being carried out. It turned out that the stranger had been nearby and had eaten before, but the harvester drove across the field so dusted that the gourmet sandwich was covered with dust and became unusable.

dusty sandwich complaint

Eleanor added that it was difficult to calm the uninvited guest, although she herself also has complaints about this person. The fact is that the man jumped out into the field right in front of the combine, and such indiscretion could lead to a collision with tragic consequences. No sandwich is worth it.

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