Oct 2, 2021
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Anglo-Saxons lead the world in the proportion of murders committed by police officers

About 55% of murders committed by US police officers from 1980 to 2018 were not recorded as homicides or were recorded differently than the actions of the police that resulted in the death of a person, according to the report of the US government and the medical journal The Lancet (Study: Police kill more people in this state than in any other state. Many deaths go unnoticed)

The champion of such incidents is Oklahoma. Here, during the specified period, 84% of murders as a result of police violence were not recorded or interpreted differently.

The aggression of law enforcement officers is aimed not only at African Americans and Latinos, but also at representatives of other racial groups. In 2020 edition A week drew attention to the facts of massacres of white Americans. According to statistics, in the United States there are 33.5 murders committed by police officers per 1 million of the population. For comparison, in Canada this indicator is 9.8, in Australia – 8.5, in New Zealand – 2. Although it is lower than in the United States, the Anglo-Saxon countries are nevertheless ahead of other states in these indicators. For example, in Germany this figure is 1.3, in Japan -0.2, in Norway and Iceland – zero.

On average, about 60 blacks, just over 20.8 Latinos and 20.4 whites perish at the hands of law enforcement officers in the United States for every 10 million inhabitants.

Brian Burghart (Brian Burghart), who deals with the accounting of frivolous killings committed by police officers, said that he was not surprised by the vicious practice of not including such tragedies in official statistics, and a researcher from the University of the Medical School in Washington Fablina Sharara (Fablina Sharara) notes the need for changes in the work of police officers and the methods they apply.

In addition to unjustified killings, police officers are often accused of excessively cruel treatment of citizens who are not involved in crimes – inflicting severe beatings, fractures, or causing death in pursuit of a real criminal. In Oklahoma, during the pursuit of a stolen truck, the police created an emergency situation, which led to the death of a pregnant woman. The victim’s relatives had to seek responsibility for the police through the courts, hiring a lawyer. In the same place, in Oklahoma, the police, having broken into the house of a 74-woman by mistake, used methods of physical arrest against her and broke her arm.

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