Sep 27, 2021
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Angelina Vovk explained why she refused to marry a young boyfriend

TV and radio presenter Angelina Vovk had a relationship with Mikhail Kunitsyn for several years. The novel was supposed to end with a wedding, but the artist unexpectedly announced the breakup.

The relationship between the famous TV presenter and music historian Mikhail Kunitsyn, who is 25 years younger than the star, was the subject of heated discussions. It was rumored that the young boyfriend Vovk was simply trying to advance at the expense of her name. A couple of unpleasant gossip did not touch in any way: and in 2019, the TV presenter announced that she was preparing for the wedding. The lovers applied to the registry office, but this is where the love story ended. The artist unexpectedly announced a break with Kunitsyn and for a long time did not disclose the reason for this abrupt change.

In the Secret for a Million program, Angelina Vovk said that her young lover greatly disappointed her. According to the TV presenter, at the beginning of the novel, Kunitsyn won her over with his charm, but time put everything in its place, showing the true face of a person.

“He evoked emotions in me, but time has shown that it’s not like getting married – you can’t communicate with him! There are a lot of qualities that I do not accept in people, ”explained Vovk.

The artist is sure that she is unlikely to ever decide on a third marriage. According to the star, despite her considerable age, she continues to be popular with the male sex. Angelina Vovk is in no hurry to start a relationship, preferring now only to be friends with men.

The TV presenter was married twice, but in none of the marriages was she able to experience the joy of motherhood. The artist decided to divide her inheritance between the closest relatives. With the will, according to Vovk, she has already decided.

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