Apr 18, 2021
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Angelica Varum showed a photo without filters and makeup


Singer Angelica Varum shared an honest shot.

The artist took advantage of the break from work and left to gain strength in Miami. The singer rested, got tanned and decided to please fans with a rare selfie. She shared a frame on the Web in which she demonstrated her natural beauty.

Varum took an honest photo while walking in the park, which she went without makeup. On her Instagram, the artist complained that even on vacation it was difficult for her to “turn off” her brain and relax. Any little thing that she notices is analyzed.

I think, shouldn’t I abolish my brain ?! He’s an obvious obstacle to happiness.“, – laughs Varum.

Angelica Varum without makeup
Angelica Varum without makeup

Fans believe that Angelica bravely acted, showing the world her real self. The performer, who will soon turn 52, is clearly not shy about how she looks. In the discussion of the photo, fans write compliments on Varum’s appearance and her sense of humor. True, there were still critics who negatively assessed the appearance of Varum, to which others reacted: “What do you want? She’s not a girl anymore!

By the way, more recently, another batch of rumors about the singer’s impending divorce from Leonid Agutin got into the media. The spouses, in response to such reports in the press, smile and say: “We have been diligently bred for fifteen years. Well, really, we sat too long, you can’t live together for so long! ” As you know, Varum’s relationship with Agutin has been going on for more than 20 years. In a star marriage, there were serious crises, but the couple managed to overcome them and stay together.

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