Sep 15, 2020
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Anfisa Chekhova honored the memory of her father who died a year ago

17:34, 09/14/2020

It took the TV presenter a long time to forgive the parent.

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Anfisa Chekhova was born into the family of a speech therapist Natalia Alekseevna Korchunova and an athlete, a businessman Alexander Ivanovich Korchunov, who at the dawn of the political career of Vladimir Zhirinovsky worked for him as a personal driver and bodyguard. Chekhova's parents divorced when she was four years old. Since then, Anfisa practically did not communicate with her father.

Today Anfisa Chekhova shared in her microblog on Instagram that yesterday was the year after Alexander Ivanovich died. The TV presenter showed joint archival photographs and admitted that she was in many ways like her dad. “Yesterday was a year since my dad passed away. These seem to be the only photographs we have taken together. I am a lot like him. Especially in character. Ironically, with our similar characters, we did not agree with each other at all ... It took me many years to accept him as he is, forgive and allow myself to love him! " - wrote Chekhova (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. line.).

Anfisa Chekhova with her father

Anfisa said that now she can remember many pleasant moments of communication with her father, although all her life she was fixated on the minuses of the parent. “Now our 'enmity', which has been going on for almost my entire life, is over. Although it ended in me several years ago, unfortunately, I did not manage to reconcile with my dad during my lifetime, despite my efforts. I hope I went through our lessons with him as it should. I will always remember you, dad! You flow through my veins and live in my memories ... now only in pleasant ones, ”Anfisa admitted.

It is worth noting that Chekhova is very friendly with her family. In July, she touchingly congratulated her mother and uncle on their birthday and wished them health. Chekhova accompanied the publication with a family photograph.

Anfisa Chekhova with her son, mother and uncle

We add that for several years Anfisa Chekhova lived in a civil marriage with TV presenter Vladimir Tishko. Anfisa Chekhova recalls this period of her life with dislike. In 2009, Chekhova, by her own admission, met "the love of her life" and promised to soon get married and have children.

It soon became known that the chosen one of Anfisa Chekhova was the actor Guram Bablishvili. Their acquaintance took place during the preparation of the play "One Sultry Night", where Anfisa played the mistress of the protagonist, and Guram played the role of a policeman. On the stage, however, their heroes did not have close intersections. But Guram each time looked for an excuse to come closer to Chekhova, because he immediately felt an interest in her. As a result, Anfisa could not resist Guram. The couple began life together in a civil marriage.

Anfisa Chekhova with her son

On May 31, 2012, the lovers had a son, Solomon, and in mid-June 2015, Anfisa and Guram still officially registered the marriage, which lasted only two years after that. The divorce of the star couple became known in October 2017, when Anfisa, as part of the Secret for a Million program, told Lera Kudryavtseva that six months before that she had parted with her husband, while maintaining a warm relationship.

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