Aug 14, 2022
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Anfisa Chekhova fled the shooting in horror


Actress and presenter Anfisa Chekhova spoke about the terrible incident.

The artist got into an unpleasant situation. The star recently returned to Russia after a long vacation. Anfisa decided to plunge into work, but here she was in for a complete failure.

Chekhov was invited to shoot one of the shows. At that moment, she felt that she should not have agreed, and later it turned out that her intuition did not fail her. According to Chekhova, troubles with this program began immediately. She postponed shooting several times, even the chair in the studio turned out to be very uncomfortable.

This morning, I also wanted to give up shooting, because I didn’t sleep well at night and felt overwhelmed. But I was persuaded“, – shared the TV personality.

Anfisa Chekhova - photo from the archive -
Anfisa Chekhova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

And in the end, it turned out at all that the program is one of those shows that “dig into the dirty laundry” of people. Anfisa, without thinking twice, left the shooting in full swing.

10 minutes after the “motor” I took off my microphone and refused to shoot. This program turned out to be hellish jaundice with disgusting digging in dirty laundry!“, – said the star.

Anfisa decided to warn her colleagues against being invited to this show. She urged not to agree to the shooting. “Or be prepared that from the legendary there will be only slops that yellow journalists will pour on you!“- summed up Chekhov.

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