Oct 12, 2020
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Anfisa Chekhova complained about haters who poison her 8-year-old son

18:04, 12.10.2020

The TV presenter sharply answered all ill-wishers.

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Anfisa Chekhova became a mother in 2012. She gave birth to a child to her lover - to the actor Guram Bablishvili. In 2015, the couple formalized the relationship officially, and already in 2017 Anfisa and Guram decided to divorce. Now son Solomon lives with the artist. In his microblog on Instagram, Chekhova occasionally publishes photos and videos with a boy. As it turned out, not every child evokes positive emotions.

Today Anfisa Chekhova admitted that after any photo of her son, haters begin to overwhelm her with malicious messages: they criticize the boy's behavior, speak out sharply about Solomon's appearance and paint sad pictures of his future. The artist admitted that she does not conduct a dialogue with such people - immediately sends them to the blacklist. However, today the actress decided to share her thoughts on haters.

Anfisa Chekhova with her son Solomon

“But today I wondered what prompts these strangers to give such assessments to a child from photos or videos. Why are children's spontaneity, cheerfulness, relaxedness, liveliness and freedom so annoying these people ?! Why is the video of a happy and enjoying child so infuriating? I found the answer. And this is not the fault of either my child or those who inadequately evaluate him. This is a deeply psychological problem, and a problem for an entire generation. Their inner children, raised by mothers and grandmothers from Soviet times, resent in my son that they never allowed themselves: Be yourself! Rejoice, express emotions, get mad, have your own opinion, be free in self-expression! " - wrote Chekhova in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. -Prim. row.).

Anfisa Chekhova believes that all commentators who leave evil messages consider the ideal child to be a downtrodden, quiet and controlled boy who has no ambitions, emotions and desires. Chekhova wrote that this image of boys and girls was suitable for the Soviet era, when no one thought about the psychology of the child and his personality, and all efforts were thrown only to survive.

Chekhov calls on all parents not to deprive the child of childhood, to let him be cheerful, noisy, free and to find his own way of self-expression. “So all kinds of parental patterns were passed along the genetic chain: don't stick out, don't stand out, don't bother, don't make noise, don't cry, don't shout, don't laugh, then you'll cry,” Chekhova added.

Not only Solomon, but also Anfisa Chekhova herself have time to criticize users of social networks. For example, photos of a star have been discussed more than once by users who accuse the artist of plastic. Subscribers believe that the TV presenter has repeatedly resorted to the services of surgeons. To prove the opposite, Anfisa Chekhova decided to publish archival photos taken about 15 years ago. The artist wanted to show that she always looked exactly the way she is now.

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