Jul 31, 2020
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Andy Cartwright’s wife arrested for murder, and rapper’s mother wants to take away son’s remains

A terrible tragedy happened in St. Petersburg the other day. In one of the apartments on Nevsky Prospect, the remains of the popular rapper Andy Cartwright were found, packaged in five bags. It turned out that her husband's body was dismembered by his wife Marina Kohal. The woman said that her husband died of a drug overdose. Wanting to hide it, she butchered the corpse and, apparently, was going to hide it.

Andy Cartwright's wife arrested for murder, and rapper's mother wants to take away son's remains

But in the end, she still reported to the police. The operatives who arrived did not find any syringes in the deceased's apartment, as well as traces of injections on his hands.

Now Kohal is detained by law enforcement officers, she has already been transferred from the status of a suspect to the status of an accused. Now Marina cannot avoid a forensic psychiatric examination. There is another version of Andy's death - a heart attack. The lawyer Irina Skurtu claims that the rapper's wife cannot testify normally: she did not sleep or eat for about five days, so she is in a somewhat inadequate state. At the same time, Marina managed to tell the lawyer that Andy was suffering from heart pains, and with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, he began to develop depression. Presumably that's why Cartwright is addicted to drugs. The journalists contacted the mother of the deceased Andy. It turned out that the woman had been talking to her son two weeks ago. The mother did not know the daughter-in-law personally. And the son was not officially married. The rapper's heartbroken mother now thinks of only one thing: how to arrange a decent funeral for her son.

"This will probably be cremation. Because the body is difficult to transfer. Now the transport does not go. I would come, but there are no trains ... I do not want any show or publicity. I just want to take my son and his child," said the mother rapper.

Andy Cartwright's wife arrested for murder, and rapper's mother wants to take away son's remains

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