Jan 24, 2021
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Andrey Rudalev: Predators want to stand by the carcass again and choose and cut

Yesterday I saw an energy that did not know how to apply itself.

Now she was given nothing but aggression. Further, this aggression will only increase. It will become a carrot program, a road to the future. Which one? Yes, some.

In the summer of 2017, there was also a wave of “anti-corruption rallies”, young people were also summoned to it, there were many slogans, young people spoke out, voiced their complaints about the current state of affairs. Then there was also a “shkolota”, but she was perceived not indifferent and who has something to say.

Now everything has turned into several slogans: “Russia will be free”, “Russia without Putin”, “We are in power here.” There is nothing special to say, because words are already perceived as unnecessary. From them will go to the transition to action, and the most effective – aggression, achieving its result – blood.

The close and recent examples of Ukraine and Belarus have just convinced of the extreme effectiveness of aggression and the more extreme it is, the more effective it is. It is clear that we will be elected when choosing the means …

The processes, like the tip of a spear, taper to their point, and they will be beaten.

The antidote is not the notorious tightening of the screws, although society and the government, of course, must show their resilience, but absolutely clear, vital and obvious: left-hand drive! This is the only way to neutralize the blow of this spearhead, which may well be deadly.

And what other options can be offered to society: to intimidate it with the horrors that the Russian Maidan will lead to? Sit and wait, put up with it, just not to get worse?

And it will be worse if you sit.

It is already clear that people, in their protest against disorder and for justice, are ready to follow almost any ghoul. There was a local Furgal, now a total Navalny. At the same time, many are not programmed, they perfectly understand that the same Navalny is a liar and a fraudster pursuing personal goals, but they join, because they do not know how else to protest, how to make their voice heard.

Yesterday the right to aggression was issued. She has not yet fully manifested herself, for the most part she was just bubbling with energies, not knowing how to apply herself. But now she was shown the way, and she will go this way, becoming his hostage, because very quickly the principle of “nothing to lose” will turn on.

The initiators of this action are repelled from it. Their motivation is clear: the predators, who have been thrown the best pieces of meat all these years, want to stand by the carcass again and choose and cut. It is clear that they will talk about freedom, it is about their freedom.

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