Jan 14, 2022
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Andrey Malakhov was criticized for asking to help the star with money


Host Andrey Malakhov decided to help Marina Khlebnikova with repairs.

Andrey Malakhov is known for the breadth of his soul and good deeds. However, the initiative, as you know, is punishable. Recently, the presenter decided to do a good deed and published an appeal on social networks to raise money to repair the burned-out apartment of the singer Marina Khlebnikova.

Such an idea was born by Malakhov after filming the next issue of the program about Khlebnikova and her family. However, fans of Andrei Malakhov were outraged by such impudence. They don’t understand why the stars ask the middle class for money to fix them.

Marina Khlebnikova
Marina Khlebnikova

We are pensioners, no one gives us money, well, it’s somehow not very nice to ask you all for more money than our pension 10”, “There are a lot of programs on TV who make repairs to the stars. It’s not a problem to go there!”, “Show business impoverished? Ask the working class, quite insolent”, the Russians wrote.

Recall that a terrible fire in the apartment of the Russian singer Marina Khlebnikova occurred on November 18, 2021. The star suffered burns and was hospitalized in an unconscious state. Rescuers carried her out of the burning building. The singer miraculously survived.

According to Marina Khlebnikova herself, the apartment caught fire due to an unextinguished cigarette.

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