May 2, 2021
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Andrey Malakhov was brought to tears on the air of the channel “Russia-1”

TV presenter Andrei Malakhov could not cope with emotions on the air of his show “Hello, Andrei!” He almost burst into tears over songs and love stories.

The new release of Malakhov’s program for the Russia-1 channel was dedicated to Russian folk songs. Artists came to the studio, including 71-year-old Yekaterina Molodtsova and her husband Gennady Nikolaevich.

The couple met in their youth, since they lived in the same village. The performer’s husband became for her not just a life partner, but also the author of her songs. One of the compositions written by her husband, Molodtsova performed on the show, which made those present in the studio start dancing.

Malakhov asked the artist how long she and her husband have been married. The singer replied that they will soon celebrate their 50th anniversary. The performer speculated about real feelings and urged not to confuse a fleeting hobby with true love.

“Love is when you support him. You see – calm, turned away somewhere, if you don’t see – my soul hurts, ”Molodtsova noted.

After that, the artist sang the song “Call love, she will respond” together with the guests of the studio. At this point, Malakhov was unable to cope with feelings.

“You brought me to tears, what you are doing!” – the presenter shouted emotionally.

One of the previous episodes of the show “Hello Andrey!” was dedicated to performers of chanson. On the program, Malakhov showed a unique video with Yaroslav Sumishevsky singing “A Glass of Vodka on the Table”.

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