Oct 21, 2021
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Andrey Malakhov shared a photo with Natalia Vodianova 12 years ago


49-year-old TV presenter Andrei Malakhov shared his memories of how he and Natalia Vodianova hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 12 years ago, and he was even suspected of having an affair with her.

Natalia Vodianova is a famous top model. Since the age of 17, she has been conquering the fashion industry and parading on the catwalks. The girl has been living in Paris for a long time. She is friends with renowned designers and participates in various events. At the same time, Natalia is raising five children. In her first marriage, Lucas, Neva and Victor were born to her. And for 10 years she has been happy with billionaire Antoine Arnault.

Natalia Vodianova with her husband
Natalia Vodianova with her husband

The lovers got married only a year ago. At the same time, Natalia by that time had already given him the sons of Maxim and Roman. Fans follow the model’s life with interest and often note that it has not changed over the years.

This time Andrei Malakhov decided to remember how he worked with her. They hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. The TV presenter posted a photo in which Natalya in a black fish dress poses with him on stage. Then the model had bright makeup and careless styling. At the same time, she could boast of a wasp waist, as now, after 12 years.

Natalia Vodianova and Andrey Malakhov
Natalia Vodianova and Andrey Malakhov

Europe, stop voting now! ” – we announce with gorgeous Natalia Vodianova. The end of the audience vote in this photo. This is 2009. Semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow (the year when Alexander Rybak became the winner with the hit Fairytale!). Then Western tabloids wrote that the co-host showed too many signs of Vodianova’s attention, and the audience considered me a dwarf at all: next to the dazzlingly beautiful long-legged Natasha in heels, my 182 cm did not save me. Incredibly, it’s been 12 years now!“- wrote Malakhov.

Fans admitted that Vodianova was and remains a real beauty. Many noted that Andrei has also hardly changed since then. Even the TV presenter was able to keep his hair. “No, you looked perfect! ”,“ Look great ”,“ Andrey is passion itself! 😊👏🔥 “,” Andrey, you are gorgeous then and now! Natasha too! 😍 “,” And time has not changed anyone! 👍 “,” The best presenter on TV🔥“, – fans write in the comments.

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