Aug 24, 2022
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Andrey Malakhov said goodbye to the wig


50-year-old TV presenter Andrey Malakhov changed his image and appeared in public with a short haircut.

Andrey Malakhov, returning from a vacation in his hometown of Apatity, got rid of the wig, which embarrassed his fans all last year. Now the TV presenter appears in public with a new hairstyle – a short bob haircut. For the first time in this form, the showman appeared at the health festival in Obninsk.

Then many decided that Malakhov simply did not put on a wig for the sake of a small event, which no one would know about anyway. However, now the showman, without hesitation, publishes his updated photos on the social network. The TV presenter boasted that he not only cut his hair, getting rid of the usual long hair, but also took care of his teeth.

Andrei Malakhov
Andrei Malakhov

When you whiten your teeth and want to smile”, Malakhov said, posting a picture from a dental clinic.

But, despite the cheerful appearance of the showman, the audience continues to gossip about his serious illness. On the Web, they suspect that the TV presenter cut his hair for a reason, but lost his hair during treatment, which is why he was forced to wear a wig all last year, waiting for his hair to grow back a little.

Have you cut your hair? Hair on end! ”,“ In youthful way! Hippy”, “Well, what? Cool!”, “The smile is just a feast for the eyes”, “I don’t understand! Has something changed?? Have you cut your hair or what?”, “I even looked younger”, “Without this thick hair that constantly fell on my forehead, it got better”, “Pretty!”, “Well, just a boy”, – Internet users discuss the look of the showman.

Recall that Malakhov’s health problems were discussed last fall. The TV presenter recovered greatly, so that all his costumes prepared for filming ceased to converge on him, and he hid his hair under a wig, which immediately caught the viewers’ eyes.

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