Jan 14, 2022
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Andrey Malakhov met the Old New Year in the company of his wife and her parents


50-year-old TV presenter Andrey Malakhov is resting with his family in Baden-Baden, from where he shared a rare photo with his famous father-in-law and mother-in-law.

The other day Andrey Malakhov celebrated his anniversary. The popular TV presenter turned 50 years old. He decided to spend that day at a spa hotel in Baden-Baden. It is known that Andrei went to Germany in the company of his wife Natalya Shkuleva and a four-year-old son.

In his Instagram, Malakhov posted a photo in which he posed in the company of relatives. Natalya Shkuleva, as well as her parents, Viktor and Tamara Shkuleva, were noted in the picture. By the way, Viktor Shkulev is a publisher and media manager, president of Hearst Shkulev Publishing, which publishes and distributes such magazines as Elle, Maxim, Antenna-Telesem, Psychology, and others.

Andrey Malakhov with his wife Natalya Shkuleva and her parents Tamara and Viktor Shkulev
Andrey Malakhov with his wife Natalya Shkuleva and her parents

Old New Year in the circle of loved ones 🎉❤️🥂”, – signed photo Malakhov.

Fans congratulated the star on the holiday. “Andrey, what a beautiful wife you have😍❤️”, “This is the most important🙌🏻 to be in the circle of your favorite people🤍”, “Natasha, charming!!! Very beautiful and wonderful Mom and wife!!!!❤️❤️❤️”, “What beautiful wife – Andrey! 😍👏”, “🔥 Brilliant couple”, wrote netizens.

We add that rumors about the illness of the TV presenter have been stubbornly circulating lately. They were provoked by Andrey’s appearance. In just a few months, he gained excess weight and began to wear a wig.

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