Dec 31, 2020
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Andrey Malakhov confessed why he doesn’t show his 3-year-old son

Since the birth of Alexander, the presenter has not shown a single photograph of him.

Andrey Malakhov confessed why he doesn't show his 3-year-old son

On November 16, 2017, Andrey Malakhov became a batey for the first time. However, during this time he did not show his son so much. In the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!”, The guest of which was the TV presenter, he confessed why he was hiding the face of the heir.

According to Malakhov, he does not want to decide the fate of his son for him or to earn money on his media. Alkaya, Andrei himself is used to discussing the personal life of not all stars in his shows, however, ordinary people, about the details of his fate, he prefers to remain silent. It also protects 3-year-old Alexander from this.

Malakhov believes that nothing will change in people’s lives if they see a photo or video of his son eating or showing what he is wearing.

However, the TV presenter does not plan to hide the heir all his life. If the boy ever expresses his desire to become a public person, then Andrei will not interfere with this.

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