Jun 13, 2022
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Andrey Makarevich admitted who he voted for


Singer Andrei Makarevich said he was disappointed with the choice.

The leader of the Time Machine group Andrei Makarevich has always criticized the authorities with his work. However, the musician had a period when he sympathized with politicians.

The 68-year-old rock musician has recently come out with harsh criticism of the Russian authorities. Makarevich even had to leave the country because of his position. However, he does not hide the fact that he sympathizes with some politicians. So, Andrei Vadimovich is on friendly terms with Mikhail Gorbachev, talked with Boris Yeltsin and supported Dmitry Medvedev in 2008.

Andrey Makarevich - photo from the archive -
Andrey Makarevich – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I voted for Medvedev and had high hopes for him. And I was not alone in this. Literally a few days before, Kostya Ernst called me and said: “If not you, then who? You wanted Medvedev to be president. That’s why they chose him.” I thought – well, really, what’s wrong with that? I really wanted him to be president and he won. And we went out with a pure heart and played in his support. I’m not at all ashamed of this story.”, Andrey Makarevich said in an interview.

The musician also noted that he asked for money from the former president of Russia. “Once he asked Medvedev, when he was president, for money for the Creation of the World festival in Kazan. I didn’t try for myself. He gave money. The festival was luxurious, five years old. It was recognized as the best festival in Europe”, — recalled the hit performer in the YouTube project Sheinkin40.

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