Apr 8, 2021
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Andrey Gubin moved abroad

12:13, 04/08/2021

The artist decided to live in another country to undergo treatment.

At the end of this month, Andrei Gubin will celebrate his birthday. The show business artist will be 47 years old. He has not appeared on stage for a long time and does not please fans with his creativity. How the singer lives is anyone’s guess.

After leaving the stage, Andrei does not appear in public. He stopped agreeing to interviews, starring in television programs, giving concerts and attending social events. However, his name sometimes appears in the press, only fans cannot recognize their favorite artist.

The fact is that Gubin was diagnosed with a serious illness. The artist himself announced his diagnosis because of which he had to leave the stage. He was found to have left-sided prosopalgia of the face. This disease causes excruciating pain in the form of an electric shock, and is also accompanied by convulsions and coughing. The disease can develop due to stress and overwork.

Andrey Gubin visiting friends

Andrei went for treatment from Russia to a warm country near the Red Sea. From Egypt, the artist does not plan to return to his homeland yet. “Andrey rents a big beautiful house there. All day long he trains, walks, and, of course, is engaged in creativity. I chose the city of Dahab on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba as the place of deployment. A very European place, popular with surfers, ”said Starhit in the immediate circle of Andrei Gubin.

Indeed, Dahab is a less popular destination with tourists like Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. This resort is chosen by those who like to spend a quiet and measured vacation. Before leaving for Egypt, Gubin visited his hometown. In Ufa, he visited relatives and friends. In Moscow, I met with a longtime friend, a businessman Andrey Burmatov… He said that he and Andrei were in the baths. This is the artist’s favorite place to relax. His friend shared that the singer will soon delight fans with a new lyrical composition.

Andrey Gubin and Ilya Bardo

Let’s remind that last year Andrey Gubin disappeared from all radars. Close friends of the popular singer of the 90s sounded the alarm that they could not find a friend. Some even wanted to write a statement to the police. Then Gubin’s friend, a businessman Vladimir Burmyakov, told that Andrey was resting near the sea. He calls him himself when he wants to talk. Vladimir and Andrey have been friends for many years. They vacationed together in Taya, played football in the same team and celebrated family holidays. The singer even gave his friend one of his songs.

Andrey Gubin and Vladimir Burmyakov

It is not the first time that Gubin stops to live in sunny Egypt. After completing the tour, he went there. Then the artist wanted to stay there, but because of the uncomfortable living conditions he had to leave. In a warm country, Andrei rented a house, on the territory of which there was a swimming pool. There he was engaged in creativity.

Andrey Gubin is a singer, composer and poet. The author of popular songs “Boy-tramp”, “Give me the floor”, “Winter-cold”, “Tenderness” and others. Little is known about the artist’s personal life. Andrey’s first love and muse was Elizaveta Sautina… Thanks to her, he wrote his first album, “Tramp Boy”, which brought fame to the aspiring singer. They met in the metro, quickly moved in and began to live together. A year after the unofficial marriage, the couple broke up. Liza did not like the fact that Andrei was constantly on the road.

After that, Gubin began a romantic relationship with the former soloist of the group “Caramel” – Lyudmila Kobevko… During the novel, Andrei wrote his second album – “Only You”. The artists were together for a year and a half and parted.

Andrey Gubin and Zhanna Friske

The singer did not marry any of his muses. He does not have children. In 2017 Maxim Kvasnyuk pretended to be Gubin’s illegitimate son, but the DNA test denied this. The results of the study became known in the Secret for a Million program with Lera Kudryavtseva.

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