Nov 25, 2021
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Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov dreams of falling in love


Singer Andrei Grigoriev-Appolonov never met a soul mate after the divorce.

The artist has been married to the mother of his sons Maria for more than ten years. The lovers seemed like the perfect couple, but in 2019 they unexpectedly divorced. It soon became clear that Maria is in a relationship with basketball player Andrei Zubkov. Now the woman is happy in a new relationship, but Grigoriev-Appolonov is still alone.

The last time I fell deeply in love with my wife Masha. Then there were no such feelings. I’m not sure I’ll ever fall in love again. But the heart wants“, – the musician complained on the air of the” Secret for a Million “program on NTV, which will be aired on November 27.

Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov
Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov

Personal problems are far from the only thing that Andrei has faced in recent years. The fact is that a couple of years before the divorce, the artist first lost his close friend Oleg Yakovlev, and then his sister Julia. “What was I doing then? Booze“, – said the artist.

Time, according to Andrey, does not heal. He still remembers his sister and friend every day, yearns for them, but tries to hold on. Grigoriev-Appolonov is sure that all the trials that fell out were given to him for a reason.

But in terms of creativity, the musician is doing well. The Ivanushki International group has been popular for over 25 years. The members of the collective are constantly touring the country, and the army of their fans only grows over the years.

Grigoriev-Appolonov has long been accustomed to general attention, but not everyone is allowed into his inner circle. The closest people to him are his sons and several friends.

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