Apr 19, 2021
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Andrey Danilko fights a disastrous illness

The popular Ukrainian performer and showman Andrey Danilko, who is most famous under the stage name of Verka Serduchka, chatted a few years ago that he was suffering from a major ailment. However, he did not disclose his own diagnosis, but immediately calmed his fans down, saying that the disease was curable.

Andrey Danilko fights a disastrous illness

Ukrainian producer Yuri Nikitin noted that in fact, Danilko’s health problems are much more profound than many thought. He also did not disclose the showman’s diagnosis, but stressed that Andrei was making tremendous efforts to prevent the disease from progressing.

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He added that the singer has always been in poverty in the help of doctors and at the moment a round team of doctors is working with him: doctors are not working from all from Ukraine, but also from Europe. Nikitin did not specify whether this disease portrays lethal danger, and Danilko himself also does not comment on this situation.

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