Feb 16, 2021
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Andrey Arshavin won a court case against his ex-wife and evicts her from home

10:33, 16.02.2021

Alisa Kazmina lives in a mansion with three children.

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39-year-old Andrei Arshavin won a trial against 38-year-old Alisa Kazmina. The footballer demanded that his ex-wife leave the mansion, which is located in the village of Kolomyagi near St. Petersburg. Although Andrey and Alisa built and equipped the house together, the prudent athlete rewrote the property to his mother Tatiana Ivanovna… A year ago, it was she who filed a lawsuit demanding that Alice leave the living space, which is about 300 square meters.

Kazmina then complained that her grandmother was fighting against her own granddaughter. Last year, Alice received a notice of vacating the living space on the eve of the birthday of their daughter Arshavin Yesenia… “A birthday present for my daughter from dad and grandmother,” wrote the former lover of Arshavin in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. row.). However, in the end, the court still sided with Tatyana Arshavina and ruled: Alice should move out. Now Kazmina lives in a mansion with her 4-year-old daughter Yesenia and two children from a previous relationship.

Alisa Kazmina and Andrey Arshavin

Alice did not agree with the court decision. Her lawyers have filed an appeal, which should be considered by mid-March. Note that the mother of Andrei Arshavin said: she acts with her former daughter-in-law as she deserves. According to Tatyana Arshavina, no one knows what is really going on in their family.

Kazmina, after such an attitude of her ex-husband and mother-in-law, announced that she wanted to deprive Andrey of parental rights. She noted that after the divorce, Arshavin cut off contacts with Yesenia, did not communicate with her and did not even congratulate her on the holidays. This year, on February 11, the girl turned four years old. Andrey first congratulated the child by posting a photo of the girl in the Stories section of his Instagram. Alice hoped that this step testifies to the warming of relations, but after that such a court decision followed.

Alisa Kazmina with her daughters

Recall that the romance of Alice and Andrei began in 2013. In September 2016, Arshavin and Kazmina legalized their relationship at the registry office, and a few months later, in February 2017, the couple had a common daughter. Six months after the birth of the child, in the fall of 2018, information appeared about the problems in the marriage of Andrei and Alice. It was reported that the couple are on the verge of divorce. However, a month later, the football player’s wife denied such speculation, saying that she and Arshavin had made up. Nevertheless, the family idyll did not last long. At the end of 2018, Kazmina again announced that her husband had begun to cheat on her. She tried several times to forgive and improve relationships, but in the end she got tired of it and filed for divorce.

By the way, after the divorce, Alice faced serious problems. According to her, she is fighting a rare disease that no doctor can cure. Every day she waits for calls from professors and doctors who could help her with something. Kazmina’s face suffered from the illness. Now Alice hides him in photographs and admits that she hopes for recovery, writes StarHit.

Andrey Arshavin

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