Feb 16, 2021
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Andrey Arshavin sued his ex-wife Alisa Kazmina’s house

Andrey Arshavin sued his ex-wife Alisa Kazmina's house

Alisa Kazmina and Andrey Arshavin

The parting of Andrei Arshavin with his former lovers was not peaceful and always ended up in court. With ex-wife Alisa Kazmina, who gave birth to his daughter Esenya, the footballer also did not remain friends. He not only, according to her, does not maintain relations with their daughter, but also wants to deprive the 38-year-old ex-wife of their home, where Kazmina lives with three children (she also has a son and a daughter from her first husband).

According to the documents, the mansion, which the couple bought in marriage, is registered with the mother of the 39-year-old football player, and it was she who sued in court demanding to evict the former daughter-in-law with the children.

Andre Arshavin and Alisa Kazmina

The Primorsky District Court satisfied this claim, but the ex-wife of Arshavin will appeal this decision.

Grandma is suing her little granddaughter, nothing unusual. It was Andrei who gave her a dedication when we were already married,

– she said in an interview with StarHit.

Alisa Kazmina with her daughter Yesieniei
Alisa Kazmina with her daughter Yesieniei

It is worth noting that now Alisa Kazmina is already going through a difficult period in her life. She was diagnosed with autoimmune necrosis and has been struggling with a serious illness for several months, the consequences of which have affected her appearance.

However, she makes every effort to overcome the disease.

I want to get well, to become strong-willed again and go forward for interesting and successful achievements,

– she notes.

Alisa Kazmina

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