Dec 27, 2020
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Andrey Arshavin cannot communicate with his ex-wife due to her scandalous nature

Andrey Arshavin cannot communicate with his ex-wife due to her scandalous nature

Football player Andrei Arshavin spoke about the relationship with Yulia Baranovskaya.

The couple parted for a long time, but they are still in conflict. It is because of family disputes that the footballer cannot arrange his son to join the Zenit academy, because for this Arseny will have to move to St. Petersburg.

Recently, the son of Andrei Arshavin, Arseny, moved to the Spartak Academy. The boy is showing good results on the pitch, although his fans dream that he will play for Zenit in the future. Arshavin also wants the heir to devote his life to the club, in which he himself achieved outstanding professional success. However, this is unrealistic to achieve.

Luring your son to Zenit is useless. To do this, you need to negotiate with your mother, but this is impossible. If it were possible, we would not have had such scandals for 10 years. How will your son play at Zenit? To do this, he needs to move to St. Petersburg and live with me. To live with me – please, I’m only glad. But his mom would never do it. Such a complicated relationship“, – said Arshavin.

Andrey Arshavin -
Andrey Arshavin –

Recall that Andrei did not communicate with children for many years. Only a couple of years ago he first met with the matured heirs. Julia Baranovskaya stated that she was not against the communication of the guys with their father, but there was no initiative on the part of Arshavin.

And now, it would seem, the relationship improved, but a few months ago, former lovers again began to conflict over the amount of alimony. They litigated for a long time, and in the end, Andrei managed to reduce the monthly amount for children. Baranovskaya later appealed this decision.

After the end of his professional football career, Arshavin took up an administrative position at Zenit. Now there are rumors that the ex-player could become the team’s CEO. “I’m trying not to think about it for now. There is a chance, of course, but is there any point in making plans now? Initially, I was taken to the club, rather, for merit, but with my work I proved that I was ready to work. I went out on the field in any weather, trained children, was sick of this work. The management noticed it“, – said Arshavin in an interview for the Nobel YouTube channel.

It is rumored that Andrei’s personal life is going well. After a series of short novels, he settled down and is now dating a girl named Tatiana.

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