Jan 23, 2021
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Andrei Razin said that the copyright holders of the hits of “Tender May” began to remove songs with the participation of Yuri Shatunov from open access

14:39, 01/23/2021

The producer admitted that he was very sorry for the artist.

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In 2016, producer Andrei Razin sold exclusive rights to 27 songs of the Laskovoy May group to one of the music companies. The deal was worth about a million dollars. However, for the company to be able to make money from the songs, it was necessary for all performers to sign a transfer agreement. Yuri Shatunov refused to do this.

In 2019, Razin announced that Shatunov would no longer perform the group’s songs. Allegedly, he voluntarily refused to perform with the hits of the collective. But Shatunov denied this information and said that he had all the documents permitting the public performance of songs. After that, Razin suddenly announced that he was ready to transfer the rights to “White Roses” and “Gray Night” to Yuri, for which the singer only needed to contact him. But the artist never did. As a result, the dispute between Razin and Shatunov reached the court, which initially sided with the singer. The artist demanded to terminate the agreement on the transfer of rights to the songs of the group to the music company. But in November last year, the lawsuit was rejected, and Shatunov was forbidden to sing the hits of “Tender May”. The singer’s appeal also failed.

Yuri Shatunov and Andrey Razin

Today, the new copyright holders of Tender May’s art have begun to remove the video from open access. Razin announced this in his microblog on Instagram. “Today I learned from social networks that new copyright holders began to remove from the Internet videos of performers of songs of the Laskovy May group who did not sign an agreement with them for the right to perform them, as well as for posting videos related to the Laskoviy May group … It is very unpleasant for me that this affected the former lead singer of the Laskoviy May group, Yura Shatunov. I appeal to new copyright holders with a request not to deprive people of the opportunity to see his work. I would like to remind you once again that all the calls to Yura Shatunov to transfer the rights to use the songs of the Laskoviy May group to him on a gratuitous basis were ignored. I warned that this threatens with very large consequences for his work “, – wrote Razin (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged – Prim. line.).

Group “Laskoviy May”

Razin said that he appealed to the new copyright holders with a request not to close the channel of Yura Shatunov, not to delete his video and not to forbid him to perform the repertoire of the Laskoviy May group, but he was refused. “I urge Yura to contact the copyright holders as soon as possible, as Andrei Gurov and I did, to conclude an agreement with them and calmly use the group’s works. God knows that in this situation I am only a defender. I did not file any claims against Shatunov. On the contrary, all claims were filed against me by Yuri Shatunov, as well as by Sergey Kuznetsov. They are losing all the courts they set up in the Russian Federation, and I am a defendant in this whole war. Instead of concluding an agreement, he listened to Arkady Kudryashov and his lawyers, who involved us in this war. They also dragged Ruslan Filatov through the courts, who was forced to sell these rights due to the fact that he was tired of going to the courts. Now the new copyright holders are conducting their own policy regarding these rights, ”explained the producer.

Razin offered Shatunov to peacefully resolve conflicts

Razin noted that Shatunov does not communicate with him, so Andrei will not be able to help him in any way. “If we had contact with him, I would do everything possible to help him, but it is unlikely that he will be allowed to do this, so, most likely, this will continue. It is his choice not to communicate, to fight, to file lawsuits. But the fact that he is losing courts is the weakness of his team. I sincerely feel sorry for Yura, ”concluded Razin.

Recall that the group “Laskovy May” was founded in 1986 in the Orenburg boarding school number 2 Sergey Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav Ponomarev and Yuri Shatunov. Two years later, Andrei Razin joined the team, who soon headed it. Commercial success came to the group in 1988 after being noticed Arkady Kudryashov, who together with Razin worked as an administrator in the Mirage team. The first teenage musical group in the Soviet Union had unprecedented popularity both among the country’s young audience and among adults. The artists quickly became popular, and the hit “White Roses” is still a success. And even after so many years, “Tender May” has many fans who are interested in the fate of the musicians.

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