Sep 16, 2022
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Andrei Razin decided to sue … with the late Shatunov

Andrei Razin decided to sue … with the late Shatunov

“These are dances on the bones!” This is how the lawyer assessed the actions of Andrei Razin, who decided to sue … with the late Yuri Shatunov. What will come of this?

Producer Andrey Razin decided to raise the issue of copyright for the songs of “Tender May” again. These rights, we recall, last summer, after many years of legal battles, were officially assigned to Yuri Shatunov by a court decision. However, the singer did not rejoice at the victory for long: he soon died of a heart attack. The opportunity won by Yuri to dispose of the hits of “Tender May” was inherited by his family – the widow Svetlana and two minor children Dennis and Estella. And here they are the other day were drawn into a new trial. Sergei Vasilyev, the Shatunovs’ lawyer, said that Razin is suing his clients…

The producer reacted nervously to this:

– I am deeply indignant at the lawyer Vasiliev, who turns everything upside down. Now he is setting up the minor children of Yura Shatunov, that I am supposedly suing Yura’s family. I never sued him. Especially with his family.

This statement looks strange, since Razin still had trials with Shatunov. And they started back in 1992. Even now, the producer himself involuntarily admitted that he nevertheless applied to the court:

– The only thing I dispute is the illegal decision made by the judge in violation of all constitutional rights and federal legislation of Russia. Where is the family here?

But if the family has nothing to do with it, then who is the defendant in Andrei Alexandrovich’s new application? The late Yuri

“There is such a thing as universal succession,” explains copyright lawyer Maya Sandler. – That is, if a person has died, but someone still tries to call him as a defendant in civil proceedings, then you can try to do this by explaining to the court that he considers the next of kin to be the successors. And the plaintiff’s task is to prove why this is so … Apparently, in this case, the lawsuit will be addressed to Shatunov’s widow, she will be called as a defendant. But I don’t really understand how all this will be implemented in practice, given that the widow is a citizen of Germany and is physically located on the territory of another state … We see that a person practically devoted his life to earning money through these songs, which made popular by Yuri Shatunov. It is very sad that he does not stop even after the death of Shatunov. Apparently, all other ways of self-realization have already been exhausted. And yet, dancing on the bones is already beyond good and evil. But this is my personal opinion, I think so … As for his claims, then everything rests on the replacement of one defendant (deceased) with another. This is possible only with the permission of the court. And the court can accept this claim for proceedings, but then reject it if it considers the plaintiff’s arguments about replacing the defendant unconvincing.

Mikhail Nechaev.

Photo: A. Filippov / TASS.

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