Feb 20, 2021
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Andrei Myagkov’s widow does not leave home after her husband’s death

After the recent death of the national artist of Russia Andrei Myagkov, household and neighbors are worried about his wife Anastasia Voznesenskaya. The couple lived very amicably, now the widow has retired in the house.

Andrei Myagkov's widow does not leave home after her husband's death

Myagkov and Voznesenskaya have lived together for more than 50 years. Alkaya, the couple did not have children, the relationship was very effeminate and strong, all the followers and friends of the artists talk about this.

It turned out so much that Anastasia Voznesenskaya was lying around in the final years. However, in fact, she had to call an ambulance for Andrey Myagkov, and subsequently bury him. The actor died of mental illness on February 18.

The widow’s neighbors told MK that the woman did not leave the apartment. The lights are on at her house until late at night. Apparently, there is someone inside. However, Voznesenskaya does not get in touch.

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