Feb 20, 2021
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Andrei Myagkov’s widow did not appear at parting with her husband

Anastasia Voznesenskaya was not parting with the national artist of Russia Andrei Myagkov at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. The widow’s item next to the coffin was left empty.

Andrei Myagkov's widow did not appear at parting with her husband

At first, on the sidelines, they chatted that the actress feels very ahoy after the death of the worshiped faithful. The funeral ritual might simply be beyond her power.

Later this information was officially confirmed. According to director Maria Brusnikina, Anastasia Voznesenskaya does not leave the apartment, she is in a terrible state.

At the same time, the director said that the widow never whines for anything, her nephews are on duty with her.

Actor Avangard Leontyev told the “Interlocutor” that, in fact, due to the state of health of his wife, Andrei Myagkov had not come out on stage for seven years.

Anastasia Voznesenskaya was paralyzed after a stroke, the faithful ran after her and was around for a century. The couple lived very amicably, but did not own children.

Earlier, the widow’s condition was worried housemates

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